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Red Line Foundation assists the Ukrainian people

The Red Line Foundation, which is funded by Bredley Holding, stands with Ukraine and seeks to help people suffering as a result of armed conflict.

Since the outbreak of hostilities, the foundation has arranged for six tons of humanitarian aid to be brought into the country, as well as helping Ukrainians to evacuate from dangerous regions. Thanks to the assistance of the Red Line Foundation, numerous Ukrainian families have left the conflict zone.

The Red Line Foundation has also delivered medicines, food and necessities to Ukraine, as well as arranging for the production of warm sleeping bags so that people in bomb shelters can protect themselves against the cold and providing needed goods. Finally external fixation and negative pressure devices for the treatment of the wounded have been delivered to Ukrainian hospitals. 

Today, the foundation’s volunteers continue to assist refugees and Ukrainians affected by the military conflict, urban communities and hospitals. Humanitarian aid is being imported from Europe and necessary items are being purchased for those in need.


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