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We develop the financial services market by investing in fintech

An international group of companies, Bredley Holding is best positioned to develop the most promising and innovative fintech initiatives in the sector of non-bank lending.

Based in Switzerland, the company operates in numerous markets worldwide, including Poland, Ukraine, Romania and Moldova. Our holding company has 25 years of experience in asset management in developing markets and is constantly growing.

The current holding structure ensures the stability of the group’s companies on the level of finances, investments, liquidity and the law, as well as enabling synergies and the efficient implementation of new technologies.

Our proprietary IT infrastructure platform is serviced in-house by the group’s own companies, enhancing the efficiency, reliability and security of financial processes.

The key to stability and steady growth of the holding company’s assets is our strategy of combining 25 years of experience with thoughtful and effective management.


The objective of Bredley Holding

Bredley Holding is dedicated to delivering superior investment returns by using proven business models and innovative technologies. At present, the financial services sector is undergoing a transformation at the global level. We aspire to shape this transformation by investing in and developing fintech companies that will become tomorrow’s financial market leaders and agents of change.

Bredley Holding’s advantage

  • A highly professional team of experts with years of experience in implementing projects in various industries

  • A diversified portfolio of high-growth, digitally native financial services companies operating in different countries

  • Long-term vision and the active support of portfolio companies throughout the whole venture life cycle

  • A deep understanding of financial services grounded in our exclusive focus on this sector.

Bredley Holding`s mission

Our mission is to reinvent and reshape the financial services sector for the new digital age by developing a fintech ecosystem and investing in promising companies and ideas. We adopt a long-term perspective and seek to build enduring partnerships with our portfolio companies

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